BESIX Group crowned as a Top Employer 2020 in Belgium!

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Dear Colleagues,

We proudly announce that we have achieved Top Employers 2020 certification. On Tuesday 4 February, BESIX Group was officially certified as a Top Employer 2020 by the Top Employers Institute. Each year, this organisation certifies worldwide leading employers that offer excellent working conditions, stimulate and develop talent, and constantly strive to optimise their working environments. BESIX Group is now one of the 73 certified Top Employers companies in Belgium.

In an in-depth audit of our People/HR processes, one of the four focus themes of our "People Strategy", namely the promotion of a culture that creates development opportunities for everyone, emerged as one of our strongest points. For example, we scored very high in Onboarding and in Career & Succession Management.

This recognition crowns the work of recent years and offers us strong encouragement to remain at the forefront of employee development. Five entities in our group can use the logo directly: BESIX Group, BESIX NV, BESIX RED, BESIX STAY and Flamant. But given our shared approach and vision with all sister companies in the BESIX Group, and as the embodiment of the “Be a Great Place to Work” strategic pillar of our BESIX Forward business strategy, everyone can proudly say: "We are part of BESIX Group, Top Employer 2020."

The certification also supports us in our People Strategy approach, focused on 4 clear areas: Employer of Choice, Safe & Collaborative work environment, Development Opportunities for all and Culture of Creativity. We are thus so grateful for this recognition because day after day we strive for a management style in which the growth and development of our people and new talent receive constant priority. As BESIX Group, we are proud to rank among Belgium's 73 Top Employers!

Congratulations to everyone in our organisation!

Geert Aelbrecht

Chief People Officer, BESIX Group

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