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Week of 16 May

1. All it took was a magic wand (France)

In Bailly-Romainvilliers, about thirty kilometres east of Paris, our colleagues from BESIX France are building the 15-hectare Deloitte University EMEA. This particularly ambitious project in terms of energy performance and respect for the environment will be a university centre for Deloitte employees working in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The two images below show us the impressive evolution of the construction site. We could almost believe in a magic wand, which would not be surprising since the construction site is installed on the Val d'Europe site, a stone's throw from the magical world of Disneyland Paris and its heroes. But the heroes here are our colleagues from BESIX France. The structural work began in the summer of 2020 and was completed at the end of 2021. Finishings are underway and the project should be delivered within six months. In a few figures, the project has required 1,000 m³ of laminated timber frame, 4,500 m² of wood cladding, 18,000 m³ of concrete, 3,000 trees, and 20,000 m² of bentonite waterproofing to create a lake.

2. Continuous learning for our Category Managers (Belgium)

The Category Managers of the Procurement department play a key role within BESIX. They help our teams to buy better thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the global building materials markets. And they are constantly strengthening and deepening their knowledge! Recently, several of them graduated from the European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM), a reference in this field. This training, which provided them with additional advanced skills, lasted for one year. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine driving up material prices even higher than they already were, Category Managers have more than ever solutions to really help our sites with their purchasing. Call on them!

3. Nothing is lost, less is produced, everything is reused (The Netherlands – Belgium)

This week we have two great examples of circular solutions.
In Heerlen, the Netherlands, BESIX Infra does not throw anything away. As part of the Recycle Challenge, BESIX Infra and the municipality organised a collection day during which residents could come and collect materials left over after the refurbishing of the main square, including paving stones.
In Belgium, huge quantities of earth were needed to reinforce the banks of the exit ramps of the Avenue Henneau bridge, which BESIX and BESIX Infra are building on the Brussels ring road. And where did they come from? From excavations carried out on another BESIX project in Brussels, the Constitution metro station. Again, a fine example of circularity, where original solutions are implemented. Well done!

4. A warm thank you (UAE)

At the construction site of the Waste-to-Energy plant in Dubai, our colleagues took part in the Long Service Award ceremony. As the name suggests, this is a moment to celebrate the commitment of our workers to the group, and in this case some of our migrant colleagues who have been working for Six Construct in the Middle East for 15 years. This loyalty to BESIX Group is a great source of pride for us all. The average seniority of our migrant colleagues is 9 years, and Six Construct also has second generation workers, i.e., children of colleagues, making a similar choice to their fathers. Congratulations to all the jubilarians and above all: a warm thank you!

And then this… The Happy Hour (Belgium)

It was a tradition at BESIX headquarters in Brussels before the Covid-19 pandemic. On the last Friday of each month, employees would meet in the late afternoon for a Happy Hour, a time for a drink with colleagues. Since April, the tradition has resumed. It is now the last Thursday of every month, a choice made by the BESIX employees. And there were many of them to celebrate the return of Happy Hour and have a good time together in April. We are already looking forward to the next one!
And you? Have you rekindled some pre-pandemic get-together moments with your teams? Tell us more about it and send us your pics!

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