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Week of 12 July

1. First screw for the Royers lock pumping station (Belgium)

In the port of Antwerp (Belgium), BESIX, BESIX Infra and BESIX Unitec are currently building the Royers Lock, a pumping station equipped with 4 large screws. This week, the first one - 24 m long, 3.2 m wide and weighing 24 tonnes - was successfully installed. With only a couple of centimetres between the screw and the concrete structure, this was a very complex operation, but as always executed with excellence by our teams. Congratulations!

2. Between artist's impressions and reality (Paris, France)

In the heart of Paris, the BESIX France teams are completing the Neuilly-sur-Seine hospital complex, one of the largest in this Parisian suburb. The construction site, located in the heart of an extremely dense urban area, required a great deal of safety, flexibility and methods. Today, the 28,000 m² project is slowly coming to an end. The 387 beds, 34 operating theatres and 7 radiology rooms are being finished. Curious to see how faithful reality is to the artist's impressions (unless it's just the opposite 😊)? Check out the 'before and after' animation made by our colleagues. Good luck for the final stretch!

3. 5 million safety hours for Waste-to-Energy (UAE)

Last week, we told you about Jacques Delens receiving a safety award. This week, it’s Six Construct’s turn to be celebrated for their excellent safety standards, as the Waste-to-Energy project in Dubai has reached five million working hours without any lost time incident! An impressive number, knowing that the teams there are working on the largest waste-to-energy plant in the world. Kudos to the entire team for this incredible achievement, as well as for the progress they’re making, which can be witnessed in the pictures below. The first one is from now, July 2022, whereas the second one is from one year ago, August 2021. Amazing!

4. The first half of the viaduct is completed (Belgium)

In August 2021, our BESIX colleagues started the renovation of the Huccorgne viaduct, a major infrastructure of the E42 motorway that crosses southern Belgium from east to west. On Tuesday 5 July, the Walloon authorities inaugurated the first half of the viaduct, the part of the bridge supporting the lanes to Liège. All the work on this first part will be completed by the end of July. The opening of the lanes to traffic will allow the second part of the work to begin. The viaduct, consisting of two parallel viaducts with a total length of 547 metres and a height of up to 60 metres, carries an average daily traffic of 60,000 vehicles. Congratulations to our colleagues.

You can also watch the cool time-lapse published here!

And then this… a vegetable garden at the Convention Center Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

In Abidjan (Ivory Coast), BESIX is currently building the structure and cladding the roof of the new Convention Center. This 12,000 m³ building is part of the Abidjan Exhibition Centre which will host first-class economic activities. Our teams are making very good progress, however, they’re also thinking of everyone who’s contributing to the project. For the wellbeing of those hard-working colleagues, a vegetable garden has been put in place where they can relax during their break. This week, the first cucumbers, salad and onions has been harvested and shared among everyone. What a cool initiative!

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